Adventure Games

Play 12 many online for free!

12 many

The screen flashes quickly and it ask you how many stars you have seen. It becomes quite challenging.

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Play Choose Your Game online for free!

Choose Your Game

Tired of fantasy? You don't like adventures? Then let's play a shooter! Answer the questions to def...

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Play Commander keen - marooned on mars online for free!

Commander keen - marooned on mars

Battle the evil vorticans and retrieve the parts to commander keen's spaceship that the vorticans have taken.

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Play Dynamit online for free!


Just like kickup

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Play Free fall online for free!

Free fall

Dodge the mines on the way down

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Play Gandys quest online for free!

Gandys quest

Help gandy find his pipe.

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Play Gategears deluxe online for free!

Gategears deluxe

Create the required number of combinations before the orc reaches the castle!

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Play Gem mania online for free!

Gem mania

Choo choo along, collect all the gems, avoid getting trapped or bumping into your own carriages.

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Play Get-a-head: winter edition online for free!

Get-a-head: winter edition

It's winter and boy is it cold outside. man-made god, metal guru is still trying to trade in his old head for the new turbohead 3000!. have a little ...

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Play Ghost hunter online for free!

Ghost hunter

Conquer the castle and catch all the ghosts.

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Play Gordy`s lunch online for free!

Gordy`s lunch

Pick up the firefly and eat them, then breathe fire on the knights.

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Play Graveyard of drunken souls online for free!

Graveyard of drunken souls

Select your hat and then kill enough enemies with your sword to get godlike powers.

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Play Gum Drop Hop 2 online for free!

Gum Drop Hop 2

Bounce on bubbles and spring boards as you grab coins and stay on platforms without falling off.

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Play Happy heks online for free!

Happy heks

Help an old witch find all the ingredients for her magical potion ...

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Play Harpoon lagoon online for free!

Harpoon lagoon

Shoot the fish, grab the treasure. get the biggest stash you can and buy upgrades in the shop to help you progress!

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Play Harry the hamster online for free!

Harry the hamster

Help harry get home.

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Play Himalayaya online for free!


Abdominal snowman captures his lunch

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Play House of straw online for free!

House of straw

Mr. wolf has been bothering the little pig. get the wolf as far away as possible.

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