Adventure Games

Play Hungry like wolves online for free!

Hungry like wolves

Mr. wolf has found a new job, delivering bacon rolls to the mafia.

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Play Hydro blast online for free!

Hydro blast

Blast the underwater dangers

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Play Hyper doughe online for free!

Hyper doughe

How far can you travel

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Play James Bomb 2 online for free!

James Bomb 2

This is an old school Nintendo Bomberman clone. You're James Bomb, secret agent, and you're trying to help MI5 and MI6 to save the w...

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Play Jizz online for free!


Try to guide little wriggler through the tubes of conception.

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Play Jungle Dave online for free!

Jungle Dave

In this platform game, you need to find the key in order to get to the top of the jungle and escape. Avoid bats, pits, and holes so you can make it t...

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Play Jungle Escape online for free!

Jungle Escape

In this online platform game,you need to get to the top of the jungle, collecting the key on the way. Don't get hit by the bats or f...

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Play Jungle kid online for free!

Jungle kid

Swing from vine to vine, collecting the fruit to score extra points and using the lily pads to bounce.

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Play Kastle Koins online for free!

Kastle Koins

Zebub stole Kobalt

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Play Lord of the rings battle online for free!

Lord of the rings battle

You are gandalf the grey battling for all of middle earth.

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Play Mario & Yoshi Adventure 2 online for free!

Mario & Yoshi Adventure 2

Welcome to Mario & Yoshi Adventure 2. This is the second series of Mario & Yoshi Adventures. Mario & Yoshi once again partner up and go on a long jour...

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Play Mario Arctic Adventure online for free!

Mario Arctic Adventure

Mario is somehow turning into a penguin in the middle of nowhere. Now he is not able to use his fireball due to the transformation. He has to use snow...

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Play Mario On Rocket online for free!

Mario On Rocket

Mario's Queen is waiting for him. Help Mario on the rocket to land safely by his Queen. Collect 20 coins everytime to get an extra life.

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Play Mario Time Attack online for free!

Mario Time Attack

Princess Peach is on the other side of the desert and she needs some fresh water. Have Mario bring it to her before time runs out!

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Play Modern Vikings - The Race to Tortola online for free!

Modern Vikings - The Race to Tortola

You are a Modern Viking and your goal is to get as much dirty money as possible to the Caribbean Island of Tortola for cleaning.

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Play Mr Fawks Cracker online for free!

Mr Fawks Cracker

Fawks was on a secret mission in his super secret airplane, but something went wrong and it's your time to help Mr. Fawks. Move with mouse, jump on bi...

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Play Ninja Land online for free!

Ninja Land

Our hero and his lovely princess lived happily in their castle, until one day vicious ninjas kidnapped her! Join a miraculous journey to save her from...

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Play No No Kiko online for free!

No No Kiko

"No No Kiko!" is a Winx Club Kiko adventure that combines a frogger-style action arcade with a role-playing adventure game. Help get Kiko across the b...

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