Adventure Games

Play Panik online for free!


Help panik collect all of the balloons

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Play Panik: pogo online for free!

Panik: pogo

Help panik pogo from tile to tile without falling into the void.

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Play Panik: poopascoopa online for free!

Panik: poopascoopa

Clean up all the poo and make the world a better place.

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Play Papa Louie Adventure In Village online for free!

Papa Louie Adventure In Village

Papa Louie is going to village for gold coins. Help him to collect all coins and reach to the finish. Have Fun all the way in this funny adventure gam...

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Play Pelpet online for free!


Guide your yellow pelpet down the laddered structure play field, collecting coins, pearls, gems, hammers and other power-ups along the way.

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Play Penguins Adventure online for free!

Penguins Adventure

To eat their favorate fish, penguins start an adventure. The journey is full of troubles. Please help cute penguins!

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Play Pol online for free!


Escape from the testing lab.

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Play Q online for free!


One little adventure in an unusual atmosphere.

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Play Rainbow Rabbit Adventure 2 online for free!

Rainbow Rabbit Adventure 2

Little P is a very naughty rabbit who likes adventure very much. So does his friend, Little C. The two friends are going to take an adventure to a won...

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Play Raptor Rampage online for free!

Raptor Rampage

In this basic dinosaur game you are a raptor and have to jump from cliff to cliff to collect eggs but make sure you avoid the red ones!

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Play Ratman online for free!


Eat the freshly made cheese but do not run into the green poison gas

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Play Secret Vineyard online for free!

Secret Vineyard

Secret Vineyard is a point and click, kind of "escape the room" type game, but instead of finding the exit you must find the treasure. Your uncle left...

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Play Shinobi Escape online for free!

Shinobi Escape

Shinobi Escape is a new point and click type escape game from You're a shinobi in training who has overcome many great challenges. But bef...

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Play Skyly online for free!


Collect the letters and reach the door

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Play Sonic the Hedgehog online for free!

Sonic the Hedgehog

Play a clone of Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog here for free. Defeat Dr. Robutnik and save the world by getting rings!

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Play Space Crusher online for free!

Space Crusher

Description:An space action-adventure game with some epic battles between big space ships. Pilot from the smallest to the greatest ship in the space (...

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Play Spark online for free!


Scout out the planet and pave the way for the future of humanity

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Play Super Chick 2 - Christmas Edition online for free!

Super Chick 2 - Christmas Edition

Help the chick save his brother by collecting all the fruit, while avoiding the other animals!

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