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Play Swoopa online for free!


Be extremely careful to avoid the red mines and try to catch all the required fish before the time is up. Powerups will help you to get it.

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Play The Most Monotonous Game online for free!

The Most Monotonous Game

Travel through outer space at high speeds, searching for the item you've lost. How long can you look for this object without going insane?

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Play Tomb digger online for free!

Tomb digger

Dig and collect the treasure

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Play Treasure Quest online for free!

Treasure Quest

Hooray! The forest ranger has started a treasure quest. Assist the forest ranger to accomplish his goal with cause and effect by triggering possible e...

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Play Vg cats: orphanage mission online for free!

Vg cats: orphanage mission

Play as splintercell leo and "help out" at the orphanage.

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Play Whindy In A Colorless World online for free!

Whindy In A Colorless World

One day, on the most colorful planet in the universe, arrive the colorless baddies from the outer-space worlds and they try to take the colors from Wh...

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