Arcade Games

Play Click the colour online for free!

Click the colour

Click the colour and not the word.

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Play Clicken gold online for free!

Clicken gold

Click on 2 or more squares of the same color.

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Play Cliff diver online for free!

Cliff diver

Jump off a cliff and dive into the water, avoid the birds and eggs on the way.

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Play Clock legends online for free!

Clock legends

Run around as strawberry clock power up your kamehameha energy and jump over dangers.

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Play Clown killer online for free!

Clown killer

Kill as many clowns as you can!

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Play Clown killer 2 online for free!

Clown killer 2

Clowns have taken over the city streets

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Play Clown killers online for free!

Clown killers

Bust some clown heads and get the high score. simple mindless fun!

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Play Clowns online for free!


Help the clowns pop the ballons.

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Play Clubby seal online for free!

Clubby seal

Its the seals turn for revenge.

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Play Coball online for free!


Sorry, no description available

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Play Coco penalty online for free!

Coco penalty

Sorry, no description available

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Play Cokehead online for free!


You have 90 seconds to sniff your way to president

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Play Cold wing online for free!

Cold wing

A nice shoot em up with some bonuses

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Play Collapse online for free!


Try to clear the board!

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Play Color boxes online for free!

Color boxes

Click and match the same colored boxes as fast as you can.

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Play Color jumper online for free!

Color jumper

Jump over one ball or a row of balls of the same color with a ball of different color.

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Play Combo Break online for free!

Combo Break

It's raining colored shapes in this physics based match 3 game. Keep the game clean by matching up the different shapes by color. Click shapes with th...

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Play Comboling online for free!


Pass through all highlighted boxes with line-moves. you can't pass through the same box two or more times.

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