Arcade Games

Play Funny buttons online for free!

Funny buttons

Touch as many blue and grey buttons as you can.

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Play Galactic ranger online for free!

Galactic ranger

Be a galactic ranger!!

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Play Galaxians online for free!


Galaxian expands on the formula pioneered by Space Invaders. As in the earlier game, Galaxian features a horde of attacking aliens that exchanges shot...

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Play Gang Battle online for free!

Gang Battle

Mr Cak hates motorcyle gang who comes with noisy muffler from their bikes !! he decided to destoy all bikers!!

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Play Ganja farm online for free!

Ganja farm

Cut the grass and watch for doped up aliens

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Play Garfield food online for free!

Garfield food

Sorry, no description available

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Play Garfield pong online for free!

Garfield pong

Play garfield tabby tennis. it's just like table tennis, but with garfield!

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Play Gas attack! online for free!

Gas attack!

Save the universe: destroy evil robots with your farts.

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Play Gates to bleed 2 online for free!

Gates to bleed 2

Nice little storybase game!

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Play Gauntlet 2 online for free!

Gauntlet 2

Collect the gold, food, potions, keys and kill the ghouls

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Play Gem Defender online for free!

Gem Defender

Collect 6 gems to beat the levels. Shoot the enemies to keep them back.

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Play Gem Rush online for free!

Gem Rush

Operate magic cannon and collect gems in a mouse-controlled game with realistic physics.

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Play George wants beer online for free!

George wants beer

George has had one too many to drink, help him stumble his way home.

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Play Get a grip online for free!

Get a grip

Its time to test your skills with the cyber stoppie game.

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Play Get groovy online for free!

Get groovy

The web game everyone can groove to!

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Play Gi joe mantis attack online for free!

Gi joe mantis attack

Guide you mantis through mined waters and attack the incoming enemy

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Play Gi joe scuba sweep online for free!

Gi joe scuba sweep

Help gi joe sweep the mines

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Play Gi joe shadow ascent online for free!

Gi joe shadow ascent

Help gi joe climb the cavern

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