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Play Seconds online for free!


How long can you play?

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Play Seconds of madness online for free!

Seconds of madness

Surf the robot through the tunnel..

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Play Seesaw ninjas online for free!

Seesaw ninjas

Click somewhere in the creation zone, and hold down the mouse button to size the first ninja. let it drop, and it will throw the other ninja up to gra...

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Play Seraph: level mode online for free!

Seraph: level mode

You are seraph, awakened to clear the skies from the hostile drones and lifeforms that threaten your home.

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Play Shaolin Master online for free!

Shaolin Master

Become a Shaolin Master in this highscore action-reflex game with beautiful graphics and addicting gameplay! Play training or challenge mode and submi...

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Play Sheep dash online for free!

Sheep dash

Click the tranquilizer button whenever you see a sheep leaving the flock and running for freedom

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Play Sheep jumper online for free!

Sheep jumper

Jump over sheep to earn points.

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Play Shinobi Slash online for free!

Shinobi Slash

In this mobile friendly HTML5 game that is reminiscent of the old Sega Genesis, you are Shinobi and...

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Play Shoot the cliche online for free!

Shoot the cliche

Werid shooting game!

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Play Shoot the gatso online for free!

Shoot the gatso

Shoot the speed camera's without being flashed!

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Play Shoot the moon online for free!

Shoot the moon

Here's your chance to shoot people on the backside with spitwads.

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Play Shootin hoops online for free!

Shootin hoops

Shoot some hoops and score as many points as possible.

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Play Shorties watchin` shorties babyhunt 3000 online for free!

Shorties watchin` shorties babyhunt 3000

Find all the items in the room by clicking on various objects.

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Play Sinking madness 2 online for free!

Sinking madness 2

Hop across the pond in order to reach the flower. on your way to the flower, make sure to collect the gems to score points, but watch out for all the ...

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Play Six feet under online for free!

Six feet under

How far can throw the coffin?!

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Play Skee Ball online for free!

Skee Ball

Skeeball, just like you remember from your childhood, rolling the ball -- kind of like bowling -- into the rings to get the most points.

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Play Skeleton graveyard online for free!

Skeleton graveyard

Sorry, no description available

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Play Skykong online for free!


Hop from one pool to the other in this crazy Japanese game. Land on the platforms, but do not get stung by bees. The cat that looks like Hello Kitty...

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