Flying Games

Play Flyer online for free!


Fly plane thru buildings and under bridges!

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Play Flying dango online for free!

Flying dango

Throw sticks at balloons

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Play Flying plane online for free!

Flying plane

Get the dots

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Play Heli attack 2 online for free!

Heli attack 2

Heli attack destroy as many helicopters as you can with an assortment of different weapons. you can also trigger hyperjumps and time distortion.

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Play Helicopter online for free!


Fly the helicopter as far as you can

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Play Hostile Skies online for free!

Hostile Skies

Control your plane using the mouse - move the mouse to the right to go faster and left to slow down. Use the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot your machine ...

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Play Ice Age 4 - Ptero Glide online for free!

Ice Age 4 - Ptero Glide

Manny from the Ice Age movie wants to help a pterodactyl fly home to his family. Have Manny the Mammoth stomp on th...

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Play Lunar mouse house 2 online for free!

Lunar mouse house 2

Guide your rocket near a lunar mouse ball..

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Play Mario capeglide online for free!

Mario capeglide

Same as helicopter... but with mario!

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Play Red Plane 2 online for free!

Red Plane 2

Destroy all the enemy planes and collect as many gold coins as possible without getting hit. If you are in danger, just drop a bomb and any projectile...

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Play War Squad online for free!

War Squad

Use your mouse to drag the war plane and click your mouse to shoot the enemy planes, collect bonus items as they appear

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Play Wasted Sky online for free!

Wasted Sky

Shoot your enemy aircrafts

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