Shooting Games

Play Bunny vs Pigeons online for free!

Bunny vs Pigeons

It's a miracle but you have just received a great looking cake and are eager to try it out. However, pigeons decide to attack and steal it from you if...

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Play Caliber online for free!


Zombie shooting in a game with three different modes including: Survival Mode, Free Range Mode, and Training Exercise mode. In Survival Mode select yo...

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Play Call of Duty 2 online for free!

Call of Duty 2

Kill all of the soldiers in this Call of Duty remake. Fighting in modern warfare, use your machine gun to kill the enemy

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Play Camper strike online for free!

Camper strike

A fun target practice game based on counter-strike

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Play Cannon online for free!


Shoot the aircrafts

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Play Cannon Balls 3D online for free!

Cannon Balls 3D

Try to be the master of destruction, heat up the buildings neatly and show no mercy! In 'Cannon Balls 3D' it depends on how skillfully you place the s...

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Play Carnival Of Hell online for free!

Carnival Of Hell

Shooting game. Snipe the demons and protect the gentlemen.

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Play Catapult master vs eastenders online for free!

Catapult master vs eastenders

Click and pull back the egg. the further back you pull, the further the egg will go

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Play Chicken shootout online for free!

Chicken shootout

How many chickens can you shoot in 45 seconds?

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Play Chopper Assault online for free!

Chopper Assault

Pilot your ultra advanced top-secret chopper deep into the enemy territory as you try to complete various missions.

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Play Classroom fighter online for free!

Classroom fighter

Throw chalk at your teacher and dodge what he throws at you as well.

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Play Clay kitten shooting online for free!

Clay kitten shooting

2 shots, 2 kittens. make them count!

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Play Clay kitten shooting ii online for free!

Clay kitten shooting ii

A nice shiny gun. some lovely little kittens. all you have to do is use the former to ruin the latter.

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Play Color rabbit online for free!

Color rabbit

Help a little rabbit to shoot down the enemies descending from above. but the twist is that the enemies are of different colors and you have to shoot ...

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Play Color-rado online for free!


With your brand new rifle or handgun, shoot the flying beer bottles. Gun waiting period and gun permits not required.

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Play Colored Shot online for free!

Colored Shot

Shoot with different colored aimers bombs of different colors

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Play Counterstrike - lite online for free!

Counterstrike - lite

Shoot the targets in the given time... 4 maps to choose from..

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Play Crazy CowBoy online for free!

Crazy CowBoy

Animals are attacking the village, help cowboy defend his village from attack. Shoot incoming animals as fast as you can. W and S key to move, D to sw...

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