Shooting Games

Play Fish shooter online for free!

Fish shooter

Save the fishing grounds by destroying the evil predatory fish coming to eat your catch.

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Play Flameout online for free!


Dont let the chimeras enter your circle!

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Play Flash invaders 2 online for free!

Flash invaders 2

A shooting simulator game

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Play Flies online for free!


Squash as many flies as you can to advance levels.

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Play Fling the cow online for free!

Fling the cow

Fling the cow at the target.

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Play Flower throw online for free!

Flower throw

Collect the flowers then throw them at the girl

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Play Foghorn thanks online for free!

Foghorn thanks

Foghorn leghorn is the the target of mis prissy, help him get rid of all the gifts

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Play Footy food fight online for free!

Footy food fight

Throw food at the opposition.

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Play Forest Hunt online for free!

Forest Hunt

Shoot the right animals and win! Shoot the wrong ones and you lose. Unlock skins by winning games!

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Play Foxhole 13 online for free!

Foxhole 13

Shoot down the enemy from your foxhole, with multiple weapons available.

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Play Furyman Protect And Serve online for free!

Furyman Protect And Serve

A new superhero is born, and his name is: Furyman. Today he has a lot to do with a gang of thieves called the Chilly. They are armed, dangerous and al...

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Play Galactic Takedown online for free!

Galactic Takedown

Organize your army, build turrets, upgrade weapons and bring down the enemy mothership.

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Play Galaxy Evo online for free!

Galaxy Evo

A cool arcade-type shooting game with multiple upgrades and bullet hell!

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Play Get Off My Roof online for free!

Get Off My Roof

Get Off My Roof is a game where you take control of an old war veteran and use improvised projectile and melee weapons to help him get swarms of pigeo...

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Play Get-a-head online for free!


Kick the robots head as far as possible!

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Play Goblin house online for free!

Goblin house

Hit the ghouls and ghosts before they get you in this Halloween game. These baddies are not pranking trick-or-treaters looking for candy and they're ...

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Play Golden gate drop online for free!

Golden gate drop

Drop water balloons, from high up on a bridge

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Play Golden shower online for free!

Golden shower

How well can you aim?

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