Shooting Games

Play Gopher war online for free!

Gopher war

Shoot all the gophers..

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Play Graveler gunblast online for free!

Graveler gunblast

Have fun in a shooting range!

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Play Greedy pinatas online for free!

Greedy pinatas

Pinatas have stolen your juicy fruit from your own birthday party! it`s time to take back what`s yours, so start swatting away!

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Play Guardian angel online for free!

Guardian angel

Save the souls of children

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Play Gunman online for free!


Stop the wooden planks from coming across by shooting them

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Play Gunmaster 2 online for free!

Gunmaster 2

You are to kill anyone who comes near you, stand your ground.

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Play Gunny bunny online for free!

Gunny bunny

Play the part of a bunny gone postal.

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Play Halloween online for free!


Fire bolts of lightning to stop the hordes of the evil undead.

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Play Halloween Pumpkin Launch online for free!

Halloween Pumpkin Launch

Shoot the pumpkin with your cannon as far as possible. Earn money and unlock achievements, buy upgrades for your cannon and pumpkin and buy new skills...

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Play Halloween Pumpkin Launch 2 online for free!

Halloween Pumpkin Launch 2

Throw the Halloween pumpkin to hit as many abominable characters in its way and to fly as far as possible. Buy upgrades to fly even further distances.

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Play Hammered online for free!


Hammer the nails!

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Play Heli attack 3 online for free!

Heli attack 3

Great shooting game!

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Play Hexed online for free!


The object of the game is to turn the hexagons your target color by answering trivia questions correctly and try to connect them either horizontally o...

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Play Hit the fan online for free!

Hit the fan

You have three times to throw a sh*t and get points spotting the objects on the table.

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Play Horoscope online for free!


Get your horoscope for your sign

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Play Hot pepper vs the water online for free!

Hot pepper vs the water

Shoot as many glasses of water as you can with your fire.

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Play Hunting with Peter online for free!

Hunting with Peter

Enjoy hunting with the Family Guy where you accompany Chris and Peter in their journey through the ...

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Play Hydro Tank online for free!

Hydro Tank

A shooter defender game where you have to command a hydro tank and defend the pond from the bugs invasion.

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