Shooting Games

Play Laser Stryker online for free!

Laser Stryker

Cool Retro 3D Grid Shooter

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Play Last Man Standing online for free!

Last Man Standing

The Znorgs have taken over the world and you are the last one left, fight them off and survive as long as possible.Use the mouse button to aim and fir...

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Play Little geek online for free!

Little geek

Shoot the birds and avoid all snowballs.

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Play Live war online for free!

Live war

Shoot down the enemy aircraft.

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Play Mario & Sonic Zombie Killer online for free!

Mario & Sonic Zombie Killer

Bowser army has turned into a zombie after becoming affected by a virus. The army became more powerful after turning into zombies. Mario and Sonic wil...

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Play Mario Arrow online for free!

Mario Arrow

Shoot all balloons that fly using your bow and arrow.

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Play Mars 3d online for free!

Mars 3d

Play this amazing game by shooting down the enemy..

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Play Massive Mayhem 3 online for free!

Massive Mayhem 3

Create combo killings, bloody carnage and massive mayhem! Game controls: Mouse to select options. Arrow keys to move, jump and aim. Spacebar to launch...

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Play Matrix dock defense online for free!

Matrix dock defense

The game starts with four apu units on the dock. sentinels will attack from a breach in the dock's dome.

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Play MayDay online for free!


Save RAF pilots during Battle over Great Channel. Avoid enemy planes and ships and hit them back.

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Play Mercenary Soldiers II online for free!

Mercenary Soldiers II

Description: Pick up yor firearms and kill everyone in this addictive shooting game, 15 levels, some weapons and a lot of blood!Version II Updates.* I...

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Play Mercenary Soliders I online for free!

Mercenary Soliders I

Description: Pick up yor firearms and kill everyone in this addictive shooting game, 13 levels, some weapons and a lot of blood! Developer page: X Gam...

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Play Mime mayhem online for free!

Mime mayhem

Hate mimes well shoot them from a cannon.

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Play Monkey Mayhem online for free!

Monkey Mayhem

Play as Gilligan from Gilligan's Island, the classic 1960's TV show where a tour boat gets stranded on a des...

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Play Monsters Rampage online for free!

Monsters Rampage

In Monsters Rampage you have to kill these bouncing monsters. They split into smaller monsters that you have to shoot again. Upgrade your weapon and c...

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Play Mr Bacteria online for free!

Mr Bacteria

Killing bacteria has never been so fun! Kill some microorganisms in this fun and addictive game. If you die you can continue playing Mr. Bacteria and ...

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Play Operation switchover online for free!

Operation switchover

After the switchover to digital tv there are huge stock-piles pf obsolete analogue sets. the egg-men have decided to help out by shooting them

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Play Operation Triplane: Mission to Norden online for free!

Operation Triplane: Mission to Norden

You are a triplane pilot during WWI on a very important mission. Try to fly as far as possible and destroy as many enemies as you can in order to earn...

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