Strategy Games

Play Football deFans online for free!

Football deFans

Defend against many types of raging fans across 20 big levels in this crazy football defence game.

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Play Force within online for free!

Force within

Remove as many of the tiles in sets of 4 in a straight row or column as possible before you run out of room

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Play Forge of Empires online for free!

Forge of Empires

Start as chieftain in the Stone Age with little more than a few tents and expand and develop your city in this browser-based strategy game! Research n...

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Play Fort Knox Blox online for free!

Fort Knox Blox

Get rich or die trying. Find the matching gold pieces and collect them. Don't let the treasure pile up too high or it's game over.

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Play Founcy online for free!


Keep your furry character on the platforms for as long as possible. A cute and challenging game about a furry little guy named Founcy who bounces arou...

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Play Four leaf clover online for free!

Four leaf clover

Find seven four leaf clovers in the field.

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Play Fragile online for free!


Take on the job of a warehouse crane operator. Stack boxes and organize warehouses to gain fame and progress to the top at Fragile Inc. You might even...

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Play Free Slotz online for free!

Free Slotz

Get Fake Rich or Go Fake Broke. Free Slotz is a cool free online slot machine game. No real money only real fun with zombies, aliens and Vampires. Don...

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Play Frozen Earth online for free!

Frozen Earth

You need to save the Earth by destroying frozen bricks. Enjoy 20 levels and have fun with this arkanoid-style game!

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Play Frozen Imps online for free!

Frozen Imps

Shoot at the blocks to remove them and make the frozen imps fall into the fire.

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Play Fruit Shock online for free!

Fruit Shock

Swap fruits, if a fruit has enough of the same kind around it they activate and explode in 2 seconds giving you points. While fruits are being shocked...

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Play Fruit Shooter online for free!

Fruit Shooter

An bubbleshooter game with a fruity twist. Shoot 3 bubbles of the same kind to make them disappear. Your fruit diny then will pick up the fruit. In ea...

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Play Fudge frenzy! online for free!

Fudge frenzy!

Augustus is hungry! connect the pipes to make delicious wonka bars for the gluttonous gloop to eat!

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Play Fulfillment online for free!


Rearrange the blocks into 1 square before the time runs out

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Play Funny Man online for free!

Funny Man

In Funny Man you have to build a bridge with some objects and help a man to cross. Based on timing, jumps and strategy.

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Play Funny Smile Games online for free!

Funny Smile Games

Today is a great festival of funny smiles. They gather together to celebrate. Here is a congregation of various funny smiles. Come and gather them. Wh...

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Play Fyoozd online for free!


Destroy as many lines of 2 or 3 electrical generators on the grid as you can in one minute. Get 3 of the same colour in a row to score the most and wa...

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Play Galactic Gems online for free!

Galactic Gems

Swap adjacent gems to make matches of 3 or more in vertical or horizontal lines. Clear all background bricks to proceed to the next level. Create bonu...

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