Strategy Games

Play Identify Peculiar online for free!

Identify Peculiar

Hundreds of objects are here, use your mind to identify the odd ones out and become a master mind.

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Play In The Bucket online for free!

In The Bucket

In The Bucket is a cool physics game where you have to put the balls in a bucket. There are several levels with obstacles and things to help you to mo...

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Play Inaris online for free!


Inaris is a simple puzzle game where you must fit the blocks together and create groups of squares and rectangles to keep the board clear.

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Play Indiana jones in odd-world online for free!

Indiana jones in odd-world

Get the diamonds!

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Play Indirect Assault 2 online for free!

Indirect Assault 2

This sequel to indirect assault has better graphics, awesomer music, a new enemy, a new powerup, and more. You control a lone ship, fending off hundre...

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Play Infect.evolve.repeat. online for free!


Your mission is to survive by infecting red blood cells while avoiding white blood cells and antibiotics.

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Play Infectonator : World Dominator online for free!

Infectonator : World Dominator

Spread the zombie infection in this chain reaction game! Infect people, turn them into zombies, and dominate the World!

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Play Infectuous online for free!


Defeat your enemies through the infection of candy-colored cells in the vicinity of your original cell. Master the cell as much as possible and as qui...

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Play Inflate Us online for free!

Inflate Us

Inflate people-blocks and help them to remove evil spells!Inhabitants of the world have been enchanted by the Evil Magician! People have become elasti...

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Play INKTD online for free!


INKTD is a fast paced tower defense game with hand drawn graphics and both maze and path-based modes.

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Play Inuyasha - Minute Game online for free!

Inuyasha - Minute Game

Move the pink crystal shards to the center of the screen and into the circle orb pot thing in this version of one of the Inuyasha games online!

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Play Iq jumper online for free!

Iq jumper

Jump from block to block and find your way to the exit without over-using the blocks.

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Play Iq test online for free!

Iq test

Test your iq

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Play iWar online for free!


Lead your soldiers to victory. Kill the bad guys!!! Real Time Tactics game with a story line. You control a group of soldiers on their missions.

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Play J ball online for free!

J ball

Clear at least 75 percent of the chamber by dodging j atoms before time runs out and earn maximum points.

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Play Jabucova online for free!


Jabucova is a simple game for everyone! You need to avoid baskets that are trying to catch you.

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Play Jacks online for free!


Beat the dealer and try to earn as much money as you can while playing 20 rounds of Blackjack.

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Play Japanese Snacks Match online for free!

Japanese Snacks Match

Match some exotic treats from Japan!!

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