Strategy Games

Play Knights online for free!


Make chains of at least three shields in this 'swap to match 3' game. Play through 15 levels and collect all awards or submit your high score in free ...

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Play Knights And Kastles 2 online for free!

Knights And Kastles 2

You are sent to defend western settlements from bandits, while away you discover a secret plan of the enemy to conquer your kingdom. Battle yo...

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Play Laby online for free!


David Bowie will not help you in this labyrinth. Instead, similar to QBert, you need to fill the entire grid without trapping yourself.

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Play Leaning tower of men online for free!

Leaning tower of men

Try and make the leaning tower of men reach the chopper without you crashing.

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Play Lego Brix online for free!

Lego Brix

Classic match two game with Lego characters! Click on matching items to score points, share your highscore!

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Play Light Up The Sky online for free!

Light Up The Sky

A rhythm game based on everybody's favourite effect: fireworks! Detonate rockets in time to relaxing music to create beautiful light shows.

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Play Little Bass Survival online for free!

Little Bass Survival

Play as a bass fish in this game. Try to survive as long as you can. The longer you stay out of harms way, the more points you will gain. Watch out fo...

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Play Little Bear Zuma online for free!

Little Bear Zuma

A colorfull and funny zuma game where you have to shoot the colored balls next to others of the same color. Don't let the bubbles reach the exit zone ...

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Play Little Big Balance online for free!

Little Big Balance

Balance with as many boxes as you can in this cool high-scores physics game with reggae rhythms! Press the mouse and drag it to create the box. You ha...

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Play Little Furry Things 2 online for free!

Little Furry Things 2

The Little Furry Things are back! Release the Little Furry Things down one of eight tubes to match three in a row. Use bombs wisely to help you.Arrows...

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Play Little Muddle online for free!

Little Muddle

Control both Moon and Sun to the portal at the same time before time runs out, avoiding traps and enemies. Arrows = Move; Space = Shoot.

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Play Long Drive online for free!

Long Drive

Long Drive is a car driving game. You are the driver of a car and your goal is to finish the track as fast as possible.

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Play Loony tunes: match the mugs online for free!

Loony tunes: match the mugs

Try to match three or more faces in a row or column.

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Play Madpet Carsurfing online for free!

Madpet Carsurfing

Madpet are back! This time practising surfing on the roof of the van! Get as far as you can! Try to get as far as possible on the roof of the van, wat...

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Play Magic Defender Level Pack online for free!

Magic Defender Level Pack

The Gummy enemies are back! In this new adventure, they are stronger than ever. This version has 16 brand new levels, try them right now and destroy t...

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Play Mahjong online for free!


It's mahjong!

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Play Major slant online for free!

Major slant

Can you get the ball through the maze?

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Play Makarov Bubbles 2 online for free!

Makarov Bubbles 2

Strategy bubbles game!

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