Strategy Games

Play Nursery Fire online for free!

Nursery Fire

There is a fire in the nursery and it's up to you to save the babies! Bounce the babies into the ambulance!

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Play Obama Uppy online for free!

Obama Uppy

Try and keep President Obama's head from touching the floor for as long as possible. Click on Obama's head to start, and keep clicking on it to keep i...

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Play Odd world online for free!

Odd world

Collect the diamonds.

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Play Oddro online for free!


Oddro is a wonderfully weird and wacky world that you have crash landed on! Use all your navigating skills to escape from the planet's surface! Use th...

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Play Oliver online for free!


The wizard's apprentice, Oliver, has gotten himself in a predicament! Use spells and clever strategy to clear each level of basilisks! Your performanc...

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Play Omnom Forest online for free!

Omnom Forest

Welcome to the enchanted Omnom Forest! Deep in the woods you will find the ever hungry fluffy Omnoms and a never ending rain of their favorite fruits ...

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Play Online Planking Game online for free!

Online Planking Game

Throw random items at the ragdolls to bring them down from their planking positions in this physics-based shooting game.

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Play Orange You Glad online for free!

Orange You Glad

How good are you with your tongue? Got a bad case of scurvy? See if you can handle the Orange Frenzy! Orange You Glad features 20 levels of citrus mad...

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Play Orboid online for free!


One Button game where you have to connect all of the orbs together to complete each level.

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Play Othello online for free!


A minute to learn - a lifetime to master!

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Play Panda Pizza online for free!

Panda Pizza

Try to Slam down the Pizza slices, but also Slam them when the correct topping is on top!

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Play Pandemic Boy online for free!

Pandemic Boy

Description:Evolve infect and kill people with your virus! Use vomiting, coughing and coconuts to infect everyone in 16 levels.Developed by: Vabolt Fl...

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Play Paper Cannon online for free!

Paper Cannon

Imagine that you have a simple paper cannon and you live in a paper world invaded by pink critters. You have to save the world. The paper world.

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Play Paper Cannon 2 online for free!

Paper Cannon 2

Use paper cannon to eliminate all the infested creatures in each level. Protect the innocent and use your skills to solve the puzzles.

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Play Paper Floods online for free!

Paper Floods

Help! A man is in danger of drowning and he needs you! Help him to clear a path so he can float to the surface and catch some air!

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Play Paradise island:jig saw puzzle online for free!

Paradise island:jig saw puzzle

20 minutes to solve the puzzle.

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Play Parasites online for free!


Sort of like tettis, but with twist!

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Play Paris Hilton Diet Secrets online for free!

Paris Hilton Diet Secrets

Avoid food, otherwise Paris will become really fat. Collect hearts to lose weight.

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