Strategy Games

Play Paper Cannon 2 online for free!

Paper Cannon 2

Use paper cannon to eliminate all the infested creatures in each level. Protect the innocent and use your skills to solve the puzzles.

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Play Paper Floods online for free!

Paper Floods

Help! A man is in danger of drowning and he needs you! Help him to clear a path so he can float to the surface and catch some air!

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Play Paradise island:jig saw puzzle online for free!

Paradise island:jig saw puzzle

20 minutes to solve the puzzle.

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Play Parasites online for free!


Sort of like tettis, but with twist!

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Play Paris Hilton Diet Secrets online for free!

Paris Hilton Diet Secrets

Avoid food, otherwise Paris will become really fat. Collect hearts to lose weight.

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Play Particle Blast online for free!

Particle Blast

Try to blast everything away as fast as you can!

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Play Pearl Break online for free!

Pearl Break

Destroy all the pearls by clicking them in groups of the same type. To get high score, you need to remove as many pearls as possible at one time.

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Play Pearl hunt online for free!

Pearl hunt

Get the pearls to the bottom of the screen in this underwater adventure. You do not need scuba lessons or a wet suit to enjoy this game.

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Play Physics Cannon online for free!

Physics Cannon

Shoot the ball into the target in this fun physics-based game. Then make your own levels and learn to make games with Adobe Flash and actionscript wit...

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Play Physics Cup 3 online for free!

Physics Cup 3

Guide the ball to the goal by solving physics puzzles. Light green grass blocks are removable - same goes for the green players.

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Play Pick & Dig online for free!

Pick & Dig

Collect mining tools and use them to clear your way in this addicting platform puzzle game. Climb ladders, avoid enemies and dig your way to victory.

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Play Ping Break online for free!

Ping Break

Ping Break is a nice puzzle game, where you need to break the balls to get to next level.

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Play Pipe It 3 online for free!

Pipe It 3

Connect all the pipes to complete the levels. Do it as fast as you can to get a high score.

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Play Pipe It Again online for free!

Pipe It Again

Popular highscores puzzle game is back! Fully playable also on Android cell phones! + Level editor with unlimited number of possible levels! Connect a...

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Play Pirate Bubble War online for free!

Pirate Bubble War

Shoot as many bubbles as possible before they reach your boat. You need to shoot enough bubbles to move to the next level. When the red container fill...

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Play Planarity online for free!


Drag the vertices of a 2d geometric shape to rearrange them such that no lines cross.

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Play Planetary Conflict online for free!

Planetary Conflict

Planetary Conflict is a turn-based tactical squad MMOG.

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Play Play With Movieclips online for free!

Play With Movieclips

Circle groups of the same colored balls to make a big one.

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