Strategy Games

Play Pleiades 2 online for free!

Pleiades 2

Guide the Seven Sisters past many enemies and obstacles on their journey based on Greek mythology. Guide your group of Pleiades past obstacles and ene...

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Play Plumber 2 online for free!

Plumber 2

Move pipes around to get the water to flow to the other end of the pipe.

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Play Poker Frenzy online for free!

Poker Frenzy

Poker Frenzy is a unique twisted poker game where players must make as many poker combination to reach highest score. There are also skill and achieve...

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Play Polar express online for free!

Polar express

Nice little logic clicker. your task is to work the switches to grab some wagons and finally to get to the tunnel out of the town.

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Play Poom! online for free!


Move the `floor` around to keep the ball bouncing while collecting items.

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Play Poop Clicker online for free!

Poop Clicker

Do you want to feel a real power?This game can give you opportunity to feel it. By clicking and buying new things, you can make your own game better. ...

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Play PopBalloons online for free!


Burst all the balloons with chain reactions using the minimum of clicks in the 20 levels puzzle mode or try to beat the best score in the arcade mode.

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Play Pops online for free!


Eat the popcorn or drown in it. You are a trapped in a giant popcorn bowl and you must eat the popcorn before you drown in it!

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Play Prehistoric Skater online for free!

Prehistoric Skater

You are a caveman rides through the jungle on his skateboard. Watch out for dangerous snakes and spiders, you can destroy them with your mice.

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Play Propellers online for free!


Using your mouse, you need to bring the red ball to the golden square, without hitting the obstacles. This game has 25 levels and your achievements ar...

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Play Pull Pins online for free!

Pull Pins

Pull Pins has finally arrived to PhpArcade!! The tricky puzzle classic features unlimited levels with unlimited challenges and fun.

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Play Pumpkin Shot online for free!

Pumpkin Shot

The green pumpkins are really angry. Every year the orange pumpkins are the king of the Halloween season but, this year, something is changing. Throw ...

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Play Pure Match 3 Game online for free!

Pure Match 3 Game

Match 3 game for high score play. No win or lose, just play as long as you like. Quick links give you higher scores, that you can submit.

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Play Puru Puru Harvest Match online for free!

Puru Puru Harvest Match

Drag and pull the Puru then release to jump. Match and harvest as many vegetables as you can.

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Play Pyramid Solitaire - Mummy's Curse online for free!

Pyramid Solitaire - Mummy's Curse

Try to clear the pyramids by pairing cards in this spooky version of the popular pyramid solitaire game featuring an evil cleopatra and of course a vi...

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Play Pyroban online for free!


Our hero Pyroban is looking for a secret treasure deep inside the pyramid. Help him to find it!

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Play Qube online for free!


Drop the blocks in the cube to match 3 or more of the same color in this 3D strategic action puzzler!

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Play Qubilz online for free!


Qubilz is a fun, challenging, physics-based puzzle game; in which your goal is to build a structure from a limited number of jello blocks... and then ...

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