Strategy Games

Play Quest Blocks online for free!

Quest Blocks

Blocks breaking game.

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Play Quix online for free!


Quix is a fast board game.

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Play Quiz Me online for free!

Quiz Me

Select the correct answer to the question. The faster you answer, the more points you get. You only have three lives.

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Play Ragdoll Clown! online for free!

Ragdoll Clown!

Dynamic physical platformer with original concept, in where controlling the clown you will pass twenty unique dungeons, and open achievements!

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Play Rainbow Mixer online for free!

Rainbow Mixer

Mix primary colors. You have to mix 2 hearts to make the requested color. To select a heart by clicking it. Click again to deselect it. Find them as q...

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Play Rat trap online for free!

Rat trap

Catch the filthy rodents before they eat all your cheese.

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Play Reach the Moon online for free!

Reach the Moon

Try to reach the moon with your scottish or west highland terrier. Jump from block to block and try not to fall, or get squashed by bigger blocks. Con...

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Play Rectango online for free!


Create rectangles and clear away blocks in this simple yet fun puzzle game.

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Play Red Menace online for free!

Red Menace

Join the battle of minds against Russia's top scientists in a fun physics game! Includes special levels and even a level editor.

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Play Red Menace 2 online for free!

Red Menace 2

The long awaited continuation of the hit game including 33 levels. Your main task - to rescue a red icon and place on the yellow platform.

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Play Reflex v1.2 online for free!

Reflex v1.2

A puzzle game in which you must guide a reflective rocket to its target.

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Play Release the Mooks online for free!

Release the Mooks

Drop all of the mooks on each platform. Release, balance and stack!

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Play Release The Mooks 2 online for free!

Release The Mooks 2

Balance and stack the mooks on top of each other to solve each level.

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Play Remove Creatures online for free!

Remove Creatures

Draw a line with your mouse on the hexagons to remove two or more creatures of same kind.

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Play Retro Blocks online for free!

Retro Blocks

A truly magnificent remake of Tetris, with smart, clean cut graphics and an ultra modern feel. Expect to loose hours to this game!

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Play Retro Chain Reaction online for free!

Retro Chain Reaction

Blow up mines, create the biggest chain reactions to get more points.

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Play Reversi HTML5 online for free!

Reversi HTML5

Flip to win! Reversi, also known as Othello is easy to play, but hard to master. Select the right strategy in this challenging board ...

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Play Robot Factory online for free!

Robot Factory

Click the pieces of the robots to build them and then organize their squad formation. Kill the enemy.

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