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Play Simon online for free!


A true test of mental agility. follow the pattern of lights and sounds for as long as you can remember them.

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Play Skill Test 2 online for free!

Skill Test 2

Finish the skill tests as fast as possible.

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Play Slidermania online for free!


Can you solve the puzzle??

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Play Smashblox online for free!


Smash your way through all levels by firing at the blox. Smash blox in to each other to generate combos. See if you can complete the game and beat the...

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Play Smiley Difference online for free!

Smiley Difference

Can you spot all the differences between the funny 3D smiley characters? Be as fast as possible, and don't make mistakes for maximum score!

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Play Smiley Puzzle Girl Edition online for free!

Smiley Puzzle Girl Edition

Slide the cute girly smilies to match 3 or more of the same color. Make combos, earn bonuses, break locks, and fill up the big smiley within the time ...

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Play Smileys Wars - Battle In The Kitchen online for free!

Smileys Wars - Battle In The Kitchen

Malicious smilies want to capture the kitchen. Protect the kitchen from attack of smilies-workers. Earn money and upgrade the soldiers. The set of wea...

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Play Smurfs Jammin online for free!

Smurfs Jammin

Watch the Smurfs playing a melody and repeat it correctly. Get as far as you can to beat the high score.

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Play Snail Invasion online for free!

Snail Invasion

Fun typing game with snails.

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Play Snail Quest online for free!

Snail Quest

Help Hungry Snail find his way to the leaf food in 33 brain twisting levels with increasing levels of difficulty in this puzzle quest.

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Play Solitaire: Captive Queens online for free!

Solitaire: Captive Queens

This is a Solitaire card game variant, where you have to end up with all the cards from the deck added to the eight foundation piles, four piles in as...

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Play Solitary Craft online for free!

Solitary Craft

The aim of this game is to make groups of the same type of insects.

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Play Space Anarchy online for free!

Space Anarchy

Bring peace throughout the galaxy by reconquering and re-gaining control over the various solar systems

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Play Space Invasion Tower Defense online for free!

Space Invasion Tower Defense

Defend your space with 12 turrets

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Play Space Invasion Tower Defense 2 online for free!

Space Invasion Tower Defense 2

Defend against increasingly difficult waves of enemies in this TD game

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Play Space Match 2.1 online for free!

Space Match 2.1

Click a card to turn it over. Match the pairs as quickly as you can.

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Play Space Patrol: Conquest online for free!

Space Patrol: Conquest

Conquer over twenty star systems with two playable ships in this space themed, real-time, strategy game. Use the mouse to select a planet currently un...

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Play Space Shift online for free!

Space Shift

You are trapped within an asteroid field and your mission in Space Shift is to survive as long as possible. Collect the blue balls to increase your sc...

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