Strategy Games

Play Tower Solitaire online for free!

Tower Solitaire

Clear the cards before the deck runs out to make the medieval tower appear in this solitaire game. The game is simple, but you will need to use planni...

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Play Towers of Hanoi online for free!

Towers of Hanoi

The Tower of Hanoi (also called the Tower of Brahma or Lucas' Tower) is a mathematical game or puzz...

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Play Traffic Trouble online for free!

Traffic Trouble

More cars mean more traffic lights. But who is controlling those lights? Flip-n-Tale has made this funny traffic game will put this trusty jobs into y...

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Play Trapr online for free!


You just need to click around the character and make them trapped inside, when they can't move anymore.. you win! Don't let them escape, They are cle...

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Play Treasure Keeper online for free!

Treasure Keeper

Combine at least 3 jewels of the same color to make them pop. Use your mouse to aim and shoot. Get more points for popping more than 3 jewels at once,...

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Play TREBL 2 online for free!


Your keyboard is your instrument! Face off against driving rhythms and complex melodies!

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Play Trinhex online for free!


Click on the center of the multi-coloured triangles to Spin, or between two triangles to Swap, in order to make similarly coloured hexagons where the ...

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Play Trix online for free!


A cool Box2d match-3 game. Drag blobs of the same color together and don't let them fill up to the top

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Play Troglums online for free!


Help the Troglums people to collect fruits to survive and improve their village.

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Play Truck Loader online for free!

Truck Loader

Load the lorries with your amazing magnetic forklift truck! Stack everything in the right position, or the driver won't be pleased! With 20 challengin...

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Play Truck Loader 3 online for free!

Truck Loader 3

Here comes the third part of a little but strong Truck Loader! This time our yellow hero will find new puzzles and new abilities during all 30 extreme...

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Play Turbulent Tundra online for free!

Turbulent Tundra

A one button, arcade game with an addictive nature. Will you help the penguin escape the collapsing ice flow? No, you won't but see how far you get an...

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Play Turret Bot Defense online for free!

Turret Bot Defense

Defend the base from the waves of mob by building tanks and turrets on the terrain. This is addicting tower defense game

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Play Twin Control online for free!

Twin Control

There are two characters and they both behave similarly, your objective is to bring them both to the doors at same time. You can build your own level ...

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Play Twist Bang online for free!

Twist Bang

Twist and match the blocks to create immense combos. Outsmart the fiendish bombs and locks, unleash the powerful glowing blocks and grab the highest s...

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Play Ultimate Escape online for free!

Ultimate Escape

The world is falling apart around you, how long can you survive in this fast paced, action skill game. (2 player options).

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Play Under The Sea online for free!

Under The Sea

Collect fish to earn the highest amount of points available in 60 seconds. Avoid the bubbles which decrease your score

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Play Underwater Hidden Object online for free!

Underwater Hidden Object

You go scuba diving to find different types of fish. Find the hidden fish in a short time to get a high score. Avoid clicking wrongly, as otherwise yo...

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