Bonk Pong


Just like Breakout, you need to clear the board only this time there are naked women who want to get boinked. You'll have to see it to understand... and even then you probably won't know what you just played.


Use your mouse to block the horny guy from falling into the water.

Bonk Pong

Sorry, you must have flash to play Bonk Pong

Top 10 High Scores

  Player Score Date
1 mero 3,200 05/25/2009
2 metusla 2,890 03/11/2010
3 sigmeum 2,710 01/05/2009
4 2,280 05/20/2011
5 Playinginclass 2,130 05/20/2011
6 Mortimer Snerd 1,760 02/25/2010
7 Ethel Mertz 1,540 01/05/2009
8 Sageth 1,490 05/09/2015
9 Radar 1,120 08/05/2009
10 ma4e 920 07/18/2010

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