Blazing squad


Blast as many targets within the timelimit with your machinegun and pistol.


Blast as many targets within the timelimit with your machinegun and pistol. The targets shoot back - so dont forget to click on the health symbols to keep your energy up for the next level! DONT FORGET TO RELOAD!; see in game

Blazing squad

Top 10 High Scores

Ranking Player Score Date
1   iwinagain 9,700 10/08/2009
2   sigmeum 4,600 03/15/2009
3   Nathan Brittles 2,900 09/03/2008
4   Ethel Mertz 2,600 09/02/2008
5   Mortimer Snerd 2,350 07/12/2010
6   metusla 2,250 03/24/2010
7   mero 1,900 06/03/2009
8   skraley56 1,400 10/27/2008
9   Playinginclass 700 04/14/2011
10   luckey 500 11/17/2009

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