Blackjack solitaire


Play Blackjack Solitaire. Try to have the card values go to 21, but you are not playing against the dealer like you would at the table games in the casinos.


Drag cards from the cells to the columns. ; Cards are removed from columns when the total of the column is 21.

Blackjack solitaire

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Top 10 High Scores

  Player Score Date
1 iwinagain 20,260 02/12/2010
2 luckey 11,745 05/02/2011
3 metusla 6,900 02/17/2010
4 mikkim 6,590 02/02/2010
5 lindrus11 6,150 05/06/2012
6 Ethel Mertz 5,900 10/28/2009
7 sigmeum 5,900 10/29/2009
8 sagerus 5,300 06/16/2009
9 Nathan Brittles 5,270 04/26/2010
10 smasino 4,950 04/12/2010

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Drag,cards,from,the,cels,,to,the,columns., cards,are,removed,from,coumns,when,that,columns,total,value,equals,21.