Bullseye blaster 2


Shoot as many targets as possible in the given time.


Left mouse click.

Bullseye blaster 2

Sorry, you must have flash to play Bullseye blaster 2

Top 10 High Scores

Ranking Player Score Date
1   iwinagain 142 10/16/2009
2   Radar 125 07/25/2009
3   Playinginclass 109 05/19/2011
4   luckey 105 09/14/2009
5   Mortimer Snerd 102 08/16/2010
6   mero 100 08/14/2009
7   Ethel Mertz 98 01/04/2009
8   Glinda 87 09/04/2008
9   CheshireCat 84 05/18/2011
10   skraley56 74 10/27/2008

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