Battle field


Here there is only one winner. so to be the winner no pity!


You are on a field with a cannon that you aim on your rival behind the wall. Kill him before he kills you.; You are the left soldier. Use the up and down arrow keys to control the angle of your cannon. To click to shoot and keep pressing the click to control the strength of your shot.

Battle field

Top 10 High Scores

Ranking Player Score Date
1   metusla 1,923 03/07/2010
2   Mortimer Snerd 1,605 08/07/2010
3   sigmeum 590 01/05/2009
4   Playinginclass 553 04/19/2011
5   iwinagain 393 10/11/2009
6   Sageth 371 05/01/2010
7   Nathan Brittles 340 12/18/2008
8   sagerus 273 06/06/2009
9   mero 250 03/17/2010

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