Barney blinddarm


How far can you launch the bloody rag?


Lanuch the rag far as you can!; Read In Game!

Barney blinddarm

Sorry, you must have flash to play Barney blinddarm

Top 10 High Scores

  Player Score Date
1 Ethel Mertz 229.120 01/10/2009
2 Radar 224.340 03/03/2009
3 sigmeum 222.870 01/10/2009
4 Mortimer Snerd 216.170 12/02/2010
5 mero 210.840 06/15/2009
6 Sageth 181.480 05/23/2009
7 metusla 167.730 06/15/2009
8 4516n41 124 04/15/2011

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