Aragon dragon


Aragon the tiny dragon is locked deep inside the castle. help him grab the keys, open the castle doors and escape.


The tiny dragon has to be freed from the castle. Fly around with Aragon the Dragon and collect points before heading to the door but don`t forget the key! Collect coins to gain points and keys to unlock the doors. Don`t land your dragon elsewhere or it will get struck with lightning!; Use the Arrow Keys to fly your dragon.

Aragon dragon

Top 10 High Scores

Ranking Player Score Date
1   Radar 19,740 01/09/2009
2   iwinagain 10,870 02/01/2010
3   sigmeum 700 01/09/2009
4   Mortimer Snerd 450 04/14/2010
5   mikkim 150 01/26/2010
6   Ethel Mertz 150 11/10/2008
7   ma4e 100 07/22/2011

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