Americas army


Nice shooting game


Kill all targets!!!; mouse

Americas army

Top 10 High Scores

Ranking Player Score Date
1   Mortimer Snerd 86,340 02/18/2010
2   iwinagain 86,289 03/08/2011
3   Nathan Brittles 74,661 11/01/2008
4   skraley56 65,385 10/19/2008
5   Radar 65,336 05/20/2009
6   mero 62,913 06/17/2009
7   kjwoods 58,155 03/10/2011
8   MaskedMarauder 55,981 05/29/2011
9   4516n41 51,304 04/15/2011
10   Playinginclass 51,301 05/03/2011

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