360 degree snake


Another wacky and wonderful twist to the classic snake game because you can move 360 degrees in this 3 dimensional gameboard.


Left and Right arrow keys

360 degree snake

Top 10 High Scores

Ranking Player Score Date
1   iwinagain 126 11/30/2009
2   Frisco-Belgie 92 11/09/2009
3   mero 85 08/11/2009
4   bigdickpow 60 05/12/2011
5   Playinginclass 51 04/19/2011
6   sigmeum 49 11/02/2009
7   venalines89 45 01/22/2011
8   ma4e 25 10/10/2011
9   skraley56 15 10/16/2008
10   kbug12 5 05/19/2011

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