12 many


The screen flashes quickly and it ask you how many stars you have seen. It becomes quite challenging.


Try to count them and then use the mouse to select.

12 many

Top 10 High Scores

Ranking Player Score Date
1   Frisco-Belgie 234 10/03/2009
2   metusla 201 07/15/2009
3   skraley56 169 10/16/2008
4   Sageth 165 01/27/2014
5   mero 156 02/27/2010
6   hanny1515 137 09/16/2011
7   MaskedMarauder 131 06/07/2011
8   Glinda 123 10/09/2008
9   sigmeum 102 12/28/2008
10   Radar 86 01/24/2009

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