Balloon shoot


Shoot the balloons and targets.


Don't hit grey or flashing balloons or your score will decrease!; Left mouse click.

Balloon shoot

Top 10 High Scores

Ranking Player Score Date
1   iwinagain 26,007 12/20/2009
2   Radar 18,196 05/17/2009
3   Frisco-Belgie 17,351 11/09/2009
4   mero 13,337 06/17/2009
5   sigmeum 11,001 03/12/2009
6   Nathan Brittles 10,758 11/01/2008
7   Playinginclass 9,962 04/19/2011
8   skraley56 9,449 10/27/2008
9   Glinda 9,216 10/14/2008
10   metusla 8,765 06/15/2009

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