Rumble ball


Score as many points as you can by hitting coloured items on the play field with a large ball. the ball will roll over small yellow items and bounce off coloured cubes.


The more you hit at once with each roll of the ball, the more points you will score. For example, the first item hit is worth 10 points, the next worth 20, the next 30, and so on. Once the ball comes to a stop, the item points reset to 10.; Mouse.

Rumble ball

Top 10 High Scores

Ranking Player Score Date
1   Glinda 14,750 09/03/2008
2   skraley56 14,640 10/08/2008
3   Radar 14,530 07/24/2009
4   sagerus 14,030 08/29/2009
5   lindrus11 13,460 02/17/2009
6   sigmeum 13,410 01/09/2009
7   Ethel Mertz 13,170 01/09/2009
8   mero 11,520 06/14/2009
9   metusla 11,470 06/14/2009

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