How long can you play?


Hold your mouse down for the time required @ 3 tries; Hold your mouse down for the time required @ 3 tries


Top 10 High Scores

Ranking Player Score Date
1   Glinda 1.600 09/06/2008
2   Playinginclass 1.400 04/22/2011
3   4516n41 1.200 04/04/2011
4   Mortimer Snerd 1 11/17/2010
5   Sageth 1 07/31/2009
6   skraley56 0.800 10/07/2008
7   metusla 0.800 11/01/2009
8   Radar 0.600 07/31/2009
9   Ethel Mertz 0.400 12/02/2008
10   Nathan Brittles 0.200 09/04/2008

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