Super flash mario bros


Really good remake in flash of old Super Mario Bros, staring Mario and Luigi. Fight koompas, goombas, and more in a remake of the original Nintendo classic game that was remade for the Wii.


Use the arrow keys to move and jump. Land on top of enemies to kill them and make it to the end of the game.

Super flash mario bros

Top 10 High Scores

Ranking Player Score Date
1 Radar's Gravatar  Radar 46,350 02/11/2009
2 sigmeum's Gravatar  sigmeum 44,550 01/12/2009
3 iwinagain's Gravatar  iwinagain 34,000 12/24/2009
4 ma4e's Gravatar  ma4e 5,200 07/21/2010
5 hte35's Gravatar  hte35 2,700 10/23/2009
6 skraley56's Gravatar  skraley56 1,900 10/07/2008

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