Tv game show


Guy grinner hosts the tv game show where you compete for fabulous prizes and tons of cash. do you know your tv show trivia...


Be quick, the cash counter is burning your prize money!; Click and drag your mouse to highlight the word in the puzzle.

Tv game show

Top 10 High Scores

Ranking Player Score Date
1   Ethel Mertz 52,530 10/08/2008
2   Radar 30,820 06/13/2009
3   Sageth 27,560 06/03/2009
4   lindrus11 22,450 01/07/2009
5   sigmeum 19,140 12/28/2008
6   metusla 14,150 06/04/2009
7   skraley56 13,980 10/06/2008
8   sagerus 13,820 08/29/2009
9   mero 10,990 06/03/2009

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