Flip Words


Here's a puzzle for you to solve. Figure out the phrase, just like Wheel of Fortune. The catch is, for every letter you want to guess you have to find a word in the jumble that begins with that letter.


Decide what letters are likely to appear in the phrase and look for words that begin with that letter. Click each letter in order, to spell a word. Each letter must be adjacent to the next letter you need and letters can never be used twice. Click Submit Word when you've spelled your word. You can fill in the phrase's letters by finding the right words in the jumble, or type in the phrase when you know it.

Flip Words

Sorry, you must have flash to play Flip Words

Top 10 High Scores

  Player Score Date
1 Ethel Mertz 156,950 02/28/2009
2 sigmeum 156,275 03/01/2009
3 lindrus11 113,475 01/15/2012
4 sagerus 111,225 01/11/2009
5 9plus10 96,175 05/21/2016
6 Glinda 80,825 09/11/2008
7 Radar 71,625 01/06/2009
8 Sageth 62,200 05/10/2014
9 mero 53,725 05/16/2010
10 skraley56 26,925 09/19/2008

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