If you hit a whammy, your spins youve earned will disappear. you also have a chance to gain the first half of the suzuki key



Top 10 High Scores

Ranking Player Score Date
1 sigmeum's Gravatar  sigmeum 25,327 12/28/2008
2 Radar's Gravatar  Radar 22,043 07/20/2009
3 Mortimer Snerd's Gravatar  Mortimer Snerd 18,144 04/07/2010
4 Ethel Mertz's Gravatar  Ethel Mertz 11,017 09/29/2008
5 Sageth's Gravatar  Sageth 9,276 02/08/2018
6 gbr88's Gravatar  gbr88 7,529 09/29/2008
7 lindrus11's Gravatar  lindrus11 7,477 09/11/2010
8 iwinagain's Gravatar  iwinagain 2,200 11/04/2009

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