Word jam


Find as many english words as possible within the time limit.


Word jam

Top 10 High Scores

Ranking Player Score Date
1   Ethel Mertz 11,313 10/19/2008
2   Glinda 10,985 10/19/2008
3   lindrus11 10,062 01/12/2009
4   sagerus 8,955 12/02/2008
5   9plus10 7,431 05/23/2016
6   Radar 6,784 05/26/2009
7   skraley56 5,012 10/27/2008
8   Sageth 3,381 12/12/2009
9   sigmeum 3,289 12/27/2008
10   mero 2,857 06/13/2009

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