Ice Age 4 - Ptero Glide


Manny from the Ice Age movie wants to help a pterodactyl fly home to his family. Have Manny the Mammoth stomp on the wood and shoot Sid and the Ptero into the air and help him get home! Sorry, but Scrat isn't in this game


Press space to have Manny shoot the Ptero into the air and have him fly. Press space again -- up to three times -- to make the Ptero flap his wings to get extra lift.

Ice Age 4 - Ptero Glide

Top 10 High Scores

Ranking Player Score Date
1   anarchy901 2,297.900 04/26/2011
2   Sageth 2,222.400 01/26/2009
3   Nathan Brittles 1,844.600 01/18/2009
4   Mortimer Snerd 1,782.800 05/10/2010
5   mero 1,185.200 06/20/2009
6   Ethel Mertz 1,075.500 01/18/2009
7   sagerus 359.200 12/02/2008

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