An addictive game that tests your number adding skills! add up numbers before the time runs out.



Top 10 High Scores

Ranking Player Score Date
1   iwinagain 22,432 11/30/2009
2   skraley56 17,196 10/27/2008
3   Ethel Mertz 17,065 10/25/2008
4   mikkim 13,642 01/19/2010
5   lindrus11 13,509 10/27/2008
6   metusla 11,477 11/30/2009
7   sagerus 10,639 12/09/2008
8   sigmeum 9,971 01/22/2009
9   Glinda 6,728 10/26/2008
10   Sageth 5,390 05/24/2009

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