Roll the dice up to 3 times for each score. click the dice to hold; click the correct score box to record a total.



Sorry, you must have flash to play Yahtzee

Top 10 High Scores

Ranking Player Score Date
1   metusla 330 02/21/2010
2   sigmeum 330 12/25/2008
3   lindrus11 322 03/05/2009
4   sixx 319 08/27/2009
5   cheeseking45 302 02/02/2017
6   Radar 294 12/22/2008
7   luckey 285 09/19/2013
8   Sageth 269 12/20/2008
9   Boyracer 264 09/24/2009
10   sagerus 258 12/22/2008

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