Solitaire golf slingo


Just like microsoft card game of spider solitaire, just with a few twists


Just like Microsoft Card Game of Spider Solitaire, just with a few twists

Solitaire golf slingo

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Top 10 High Scores

  Player Score Date
1 luckey 30,790 12/10/2014
2 sigmeum 27,710 04/06/2009
3 metusla 26,090 12/18/2009
4 Ethel Mertz 25,420 04/03/2009
5 Mortimer Snerd 24,850 04/26/2010
6 lindrus11 24,365 03/12/2011
7 sagerus 19,090 05/17/2009
8 skraley56 18,945 12/03/2012
9 Glinda 18,730 03/20/2009
10 Radar 17,375 03/15/2009

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