Wheel of Fortune


Classic TV Show Wheel Of Fortune!!


Spin the wheel and guess the letters to solve the puzzle. If the wheel lands on a dollar value, guess a consonant or "buy a vowel." If it's in the puzzle, you win the amount of the spin multiplied by the number of times the letter appears in the puzzle.

Wheel of Fortune

Top 10 High Scores

Ranking Player Score Date
1   9plus10 1,910,000 05/23/2016
2   metusla 1,712,000 08/25/2009
3   Radar 1,576,750 08/25/2009
4   blade 1,422,250 05/28/2011
5   lindrus11 1,005,750 03/05/2012
6   sigmeum 864,250 10/27/2009
7   sagerus 685,250 09/05/2009
8   Playinginclass 666,000 04/25/2011
9   Sageth 563,500 08/22/2009
10   Glinda 560,500 10/17/2009

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