The Weakest Link


Play the online The Weakest Link game like you would in the television trivia game show.Listen to Anne Robinson berate you with her dry sarcasm when you are dumb. Remember: you are... the weakest link!


Start the game by using your mouse and clicking "Begin."
Afterwards, guess the correct answer by clicking with your mouse. Bank your answers to save your score and and try not to be The Weakest Link.

The Weakest Link

Sorry, you must have flash to play The Weakest Link

Top 10 High Scores

  Player Score Date
1 9plus10 6,050 05/14/2016
2 mattdalad2k9 4,000 05/03/2016
3 Phantom Queen 3,800 03/17/2016
4 seascale 2,820 05/08/2011
5 kiko213 2,020 03/09/2016
6 blade 2,000 05/28/2011
7 metusla 1,120 09/07/2009
8 paddy33231 1,120 02/21/2016
9 Andrwme 1,090 09/13/2015
10 ReiraAkaba 1,000 07/30/2016

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