Love Escalator


Play matchmaker with random couples on an escalator. Help them find the man or woman of their dreams by simply clicking on them when their mate comes through the door. You will know their match because they will have a lot in common. And you can do thi


Left click to select the right match for the person on the escalator. Make sure they cross each other on the escalator at the right time. Perfect, Good and Average match fills the couple meter but a Bad Match won't.

Love Escalator

Sorry, you must have flash to play Love Escalator

Top 10 High Scores

  Player Score Date
1 Ethel Mertz 16,650 12/16/2009
2 Glinda 16,650 12/18/2009
3 iwinagain 16,350 12/17/2009
4 lindrus11 16,230 12/22/2009
5 sagerus 15,970 10/05/2010
6 Sageth 15,300 12/16/2009
7 4516n41 8,810 04/15/2011
8 Radar 2,100 12/16/2009
9 mikkim 500 02/04/2010

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