Sumo Snowman


Grow your snowman so that you can become larger and get more decorations and eat the other snowmen. You can also collect snow globes and get various snowman ornament power ups!


Collect all snowmen equal or of lesser size using your mouse.

Sumo Snowman

Top 10 High Scores

Ranking Player Score Date
1   iwinagain 4,671 01/19/2010
2   metusla 3,799 01/18/2010
3   mikkim 3,166 01/29/2010
4   Radar 3,056 01/17/2010
5   mero 2,851 03/18/2010
6   ma4e 2,420 10/08/2011
7   Sageth 2,355 01/16/2010
8   Ethel Mertz 2,097 12/28/2010
9   lindrus11 1,706 01/17/2010
10   Glinda 1,494 01/23/2010

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