Click on 3 dropping numbers to make 10 or multiples of 10


Use the mouse and click!


Sorry, you must have flash to play Plupon

Top 10 High Scores

  Player Score Date
1 metusla 125,370 05/30/2010
2 Glinda 62,470 06/26/2010
3 4516n41 52,890 04/15/2011
4 Sageth 50,110 05/28/2010
5 Ethel Mertz 48,630 07/03/2010
6 Mortimer Snerd 46,920 05/28/2010
7 lindrus11 46,260 09/03/2010
8 mero 29,630 05/28/2010
9 Radar 22,320 05/29/2010

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