Island Hop


Help Gilligan from Gilligan's Island get the gang off the island by jumping from obstacle to obstacle (think Frogger) across the water to the island. Land on the far island to light the fire before the cruise ship on another three hour tour passes out of view, stranding the gang forever.


Use your arrow keys to control Gilligan. It will take 6 trips across the lagoon to light the fire. You'll lose a life if you fall into the water or slide off the side of the screen, so be careful! Watch out for sharks!

Island Hop

Sorry, you must have flash to play Island Hop

Top 10 High Scores

  Player Score Date
1 Radar 7,017 06/19/2009
2 skraley56 2,090 09/03/2008
3 Ethel Mertz 793 01/09/2009
4 cheeseking45 360 03/17/2017
5 Sageth 290 11/23/2015
6 lindrus11 290 09/03/2008
7 Mortimer Snerd 280 12/23/2010
8 sagerus 220 12/30/2008

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