Scrabble Blast


Scrabble Blast is for those of you who love Scrabble but cant be bothered to drag out the old game board and round up a bunch of word-loving friends.


Scrabble Blast

Top 10 High Scores

Ranking Player Score Date
1   4516n41 26,147 02/20/2012
2   Playinginclass 25,051 10/12/2011
3   Ethel Mertz 16,455 05/01/2011
4   Glinda 6,979 06/19/2011
5   lindrus11 1,970 01/06/2011
6   sagerus 796 12/25/2010
7   Sageth 775 05/25/2011
8   skraley56 741 01/04/2014

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